Youtuber IShowSpeed Comes Out on Top Beating Kai Cenat, Emiru and Others to Bag His First YouTube Streamy Award 2022

IshowSpeed has stunned the world with his first-ever YouTube Streamy Award, and fans are loving it. The 2022 YouTube Streamy awards were a blast for content creators as the platform applauded them with an award for their hard work.

YouTube divided all content creators into multiple categories based on their work, genre, style, and more. Then, the best of the best were picked up as nominees, with one of them taking the award home.

The award show featured some of the biggest names in the industry competing for the crown. For instance, Kai Cenat took home the Streamer of the Year Award, and Sheena Melwani reigned over the Shorts category.

However, the ‘Breakout Streamer’ category was the one every fan had their eyes on as it featured IShowSpeed. Plus, YouTube pinned the 17-year-old against top creators like QTCindrella, Kai Cenat, and Emiru. This made the competition more fierce, as all nominees had fared far well than expected.

But the community was fan rooting for Speed as he’d become the people’s favorite. And to everyone’s surprise, he took home the title, leaving a smile on every fan’s face.



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Fans applaud as IShowSpeed wins the ‘Breakout Streamer’ award at the YouTube Streamy 2022

2022 has been the year for budding creators as they left a mark with their content. Each of them went the extra mile to stand out in the pack, alluring thousands of fans to their channel. IShowSpeed can be the best example to explain this, as he stormed the internet in months.

Speed started his YouTube channel in 2016, streaming top games like NBA2K for countless hours. His hot-headed personality played a pivotal role in the content, as fans enjoyed his videos and streams. But it wasn’t until late 2021 that he finally received the fame he was working for.

Since then, his success rocket kept flying higher and higher, with fans cheering for their favorite YouTuber. Speed then also started streaming a lot of FIFA content, raging during games and messing up player names. Apart from that, he linked up with popular Youtubers like MrBeast, Sidemen, Kai Cenat, and a lot more. This acted as a success catalyst as he kept getting more and more recognition from fans.

All in all, 2022 became one of his most successful years for Speed, as he finally got everything he always wished for. Plus, he took home the Breakout Streamer Award, ticking off another achievement on his bucket list.

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